Top Drawer Yarn Studio
1685 3rd Ave | Prince George, BC | 250.596.9276

Our Team

Darlene Shatford

I am passionate about all things knitting. In fact, I can't stop casting on! Top Drawer Yarn Studio is my knitting and designing playground. We have shelf upon shelf filled with yarns of all colours, fibres, and textures from all over the world. I inspire and am inspired by our shop's customers, and I pass that on to class participants as they learn knitting basics, cabling, or turning the heel of a sock. Knitters will change the world!

Alanna Siemens

I am always on the look out for customers' needs, from high-quality needles and needle sets to stunning buttons to funky notions to beautiful roving for the felters and spinners. Our yarn bowls and project bags, made by local artisans, fly off the shelves! I learn from our customers daily and am amazed by their talent and creativity. Our shop is just the place for them! We feel we are outrageously successful. In our first five years, we have accomplished what we set out to do and more.